About us

A brief introduction to Stor-ey


When we met in 2019, we both wanted to consume more sustainably and live a more conscious life.

There were already many things that we were doing subconsciously, but we wanted to move these activities to a more conscious state of mind. Being more aware of our way of living and the impact that we are having.

We figured that we were not alone in this and that there are currently so many things happening out there, from friends, people, and brands, that we thought should not stay unseen and be unacknowledged anymore.

We wanted to create a space online for brands and people to share their stories, to inspire people and show them that we can be the change.

And the idea of Stor-ey was born.
Standing for Store. Story. Yey.


Stor-ey wants to change the way we shop, creating more awareness about the production of products. Setting a new standard in the purchase of sustainable and ethically-produced products.


Stor-ey wants to tell stories of people: Sharing inspirations on how to be more conscious and make your life more sustainable. And we also would love to share your story.


We believe being sustainable should be fun. It is just like taking care of everything around you: people, animals and nature. We’re in this together.

If you would like to share with us your own personal story about a conscious and sustainable lifestyle, we would love to hear from you.

Thanks for being here.
Let’s be the change together.

Sergio and Fanny