Conscious Consumption Guide

This guide will help you consume less and more consciously


How we are currently consuming is not good, is not “normal” and it is surely NOT one thing: sustainable.

We are so deeply intertwined in this consumption-driven society that everything seems normal and necessary: we see our friends buying new stuff, we see social media influencers wearing continuously different outfits, and we get spammed with ads to buy something on a daily basis.

We have created this “conscious consumption” guide with one aim in mind: to inspire you to think differently when you buy something next time.

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Knowledge as a fundament of a mindful and conscious consumption
Three tips on how to base your purchase decision on the right information
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5 mistakes to avoid for a conscious and mindful consumption
It is important to sometimes reflect and learn from the past.
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A wishlist for a sustainable and conscious consumption
A step-by-step guide to bring your relationship with you consumption to a new level
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12 questions for a sustainable and conscious consumption
As customers we have a lot of power by deciding how we consume
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Introduction to a mindful and conscious consumption
Being sustainable and conscious can sometimes be overwhelming, but good that you are not alone. Read now our Part 1 of a conscious and sustainable lifestyle...
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Want to know more about sustainability buzzwords?

We are analyzing the main buzzword around Sustainability and collecting them in a glossary for you. Find out below what the terms “Greenwashing”, “Fast fashion” and “Slow fashion” actually mean. Stay tuned for more terms on our Glossary category: we are constantly updating it.

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