The problem of deforestation is not new to anyone, although forest loss is continuing to accelerate
across the globe at alarming rates and we are in a pressing moment where trees are needed more than ever. In the last 30 years, the world lost 1.3 million square kilometres of forest – an area larger than South Africa. 1 In particular, there are biodiversity hotspots in the world, such as the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, that has already lost 93% of its forest.

We need trees for a variety of reasons. 

  1. One of the most important reasons is that trees are able to absorb the heat-trapping
    greenhouse gases that human activities emit. For example, a single mature tree can absorb 48lbs. of carbon each year and produce enough clean oxygen for 4 people to breathe.
    When we cut down trees or burn them, it’s a double negative for our planet since the
    carbon storage is released, emitting large amounts of carbon dioxide.  Deforestation and
    the land being transferred to agriculture contribute to as much as 40 percent of the world’s
    greenhouse gas emissions.*
  2. The global effects of keeping our forests healthy don’t end there; large forest systems, such as the Amazon rainforest, play a significant role in global water cycles and the availability of freshwater worldwide. Trees are able to purify the water they absorb, then through plant transpiration, large quantities of water are transported into the atmosphere and brought
    down as rain in other parts of the world.
  3. Forests also provide habitat for over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. 3
  4. In addition, over a billion people, of which many living in extreme poverty, rely on forests for subsistence and income
    Reforestation is absolutely essential to save our planet and to maintain a natural ecological
    balance. Planting trees is a solution that is available now and every one of us can get involved!

Meet Photography for Future

The non-profit online gallery Photography for Future was founded with the intention of giving people an easy way to plant trees and make a concrete “green” difference. 

When purchasing a photograph from the gallery, 100% of the profit is donated to a reforestation project in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. (Every print sold helps to plant up to 80 trees)

This is a critical area in need of intervention since it’s a biodiversity hotspot and it has already lost 93% of its forest.  

The online gallery sells beautiful landscape, wildlife and nature photographs by award-winning national geographic photographers. 

An outstanding 100% of the profit of Photography for Future will be donated to the partner WeForest for tree planting and forest restoration in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest.

To combat the progressive loss of biodiversity, WeForest is restoring corridors of forest between the remaining forest fragments. Local species, many of which are endangered, will be able to move between previously isolated patches. This will allow them to diversify their gene pools, which is important for the survival of endangered species, such as the native black lion tamarin. In addition, the Atlantic Forest’ high carbon sequestration rates make them a key player in the fight against global warming. WeForest empowers the local communities, above all women, offering them a stable income working in the nurseries and plant propagation.

How “Photography for future” works

When purchasing a photograph from the gallery, 100% of the profit is donated to a reforestation project in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. So, when you buy a photograph, we plant trees!

Just by purchasing one large photograph, you can plant up to 85 trees! It gets even better! The project supports local communities and above all, it empowers women by offering them an education and a stable income.
The gallery holds a variety of landscape, wildlife and travel photographs donated by award-winning national geographic photographers. There is a limited edition of each photograph available in the gallery, making each print extra special. The gallery ships worldwide and can make custom orders.

The best gift you can make in 2020

Who wouldn’t love a beautiful piece of art knowing that it’s made a positive impact on the environment?

When you purchase a photograph from the gallery you are “consciously” shopping and it is the perfect eco-gift for someone special. 

It is also a great way for companies to offset their emissions. A nature photograph in an office is the perfect way to send a message of sustainability. 

Plant trees today with Photography for Future! 

For more information visit the website or email the gallery at 

Born and raised in California, Paige grew up spending the majority of her time submerged in nature. She recalls having a love for wildlife and nature for as long as she can remember. After graduating in environmental sciences, she began her early career working for various environmental NGOs across the world. While abroad, she was captivated by the immense beauty of the world, and this lead to her passion for wildlife photography. She is a strong believer that photography and conservation go hand in hand. "Art, photojournalism, photographs.. they all have the power to change our world and influence our behavior for the better. This is why I founded Photography for Future." Paige is also an advocate for conscious consumerism and making sure that you are constantly giving more than you are taking. For this reason, the gallery supports reforestation projects so we can all be drivers of mitigating climate change and protecting habitats through a beautiful photograph on our walls.

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