Following part one of our “mindful and conscious consumption” series, we want to get into the topic of how to consume more consciously and less.

We should confront ourselves more before making a purchase decision. The easiest way is to ask us some honest questions before we buy something, and we don’t mean questions like if the item fits or if the item is cheap. 

There are other questions we think you really should be asking yourself.

Questions you might be already asking yourself:

  • Does it fit/Do I like the fit?
  • Is this item my style (even if it is not, will I like to wear it)?
  • Can I afford the item?

Questions you might not ask yourself yet (but you should):

  • Do I really need that product?
  • How often do I think I will use/wear it?
  • Does this item fit my clothes, so that I can easily create different outfits?
  • Do I consider the pricing appropriate? (Like €10 for a dress or €5 for a basic t-shirt?)

Editor’s Note: It’s not a good deal to spend €10 for a dress, even if you will wear it just once, read more here).

Questions you should absolutely ask yourself:

  • What does the company stand for?
  • How does the company treat its employees in the supply chain?
  • How are the raw materials sourced?
  • Is the company trustworthy and not doing greenwashing?
  • How is the packaging?

And another thought we’d like to give you on your way:

How much do you talk to your friends about the clothes you buy? (We don’t mean complimenting each other on how cool a dress is).

Think about this, how often do you talk with your friends about where your clothes are coming from? How they are made?

Try to figure out when it was the last time you spoke with your friends about feeling guilty of buying at a fast-fashion brand, or proud because you shared a great new sustainable brand that you have just discovered…

A way of consuming that puts sustainability and ethical production in focus is the way we should achieve. Going away from the so-called Fast-Fashion and going in the direction of Slow Fashion.

To do a little deep dive into what these two terms mean, we have published two new articles for our Stor-ey “Glossary”.

What do we mean when we say Fast Fashion?” and “Slow Fashion: A better concept to shop”.

(In case you missed our last glossary article, you should also read “What the sustainability” by our dear friend Hanna Rasper).

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