“Oh, no! I have nothing to wear!” Who doesn’t know this feeling, especially while looking at an overflowing wardrobe? Our co-founder Fanny wrote a story from her past and what she would tell her younger self.

Some years back I got invited to a wedding. But with it came the big question: What should I wear?

My thoughts wandered through my wardrobe and the feeling overcame me that I didn’t have anything to wear for the wedding.

Later that night I scrolled through Instagram and saw one of my favourite influencers wearing a dress. I just loved it so much: that would have been perfect for the wedding.

But as I know I have a lot of clothes, I couldn’t believe that I had really nothing to wear so that weekend I gave it another shot. 

I went physically towards my wardrobe and searched through it.

As I kind of guessed, there were some many items that I forgot to have. 

There was even a green dress that I bought once for a birthday party, while I decided in the end to wear my favourite black dress – I didn’t have that green dress in mind any more. 

Hence, it was hanging there for some time with the price tag still on.

I tried on dress after dress, turned myself in front of the mirror. Got into different shoes. Walked back and forth in my room. Nothing gave me the vibe I wanted and have seen on Instagram.

The only dresses I liked myself in, of course, were the ones I always wear, but I wanted something special, something that I haven’t worn yet.

Standing in a room full of piles of clothes on the floor, I realized the utter truth: “I have nothing to wear!”

Halfway desperate I decided to keep the green dress, hanging there with its price tag still on, as a back-up plan in case I was not finding something new in the city centre.

As planned, I went some days later to the city centre to look for a new dress.

I didn’t want to spend too much money, so I went straight in the handful of Fast Fashion Shops (and wanted to keep the option open to still have some budget on the side for the right accessories for this outfit).

I went inside the usual shops, tried on a few dresses, and who would have guessed, I found two dresses similar to the one I had seen on my favourite influencer.  (How can this amazing girl always be such a trendsetter?!?).

I went to the fitting room, tried them on. And then bought them both.

Plus a new pair of high heels and purse (obviously, fitting to the new shoes!) and two new earrings, to decide on the day of the wedding which one to wear.

The suggestions I would give to my younger self… are in this case many… because I know just too well that this scenario might have happened more than this one time, that I am describing now.

And I am sure you can recall a similar moment you might have been in the past.

But here it becomes funny. Just because I bought a new dress, I bought a new pair of high heels (note: I never wear high heels) and just because I bought a new pair of shoes I bought a new purse. I guess you see where this is going…

I would tell my younger self, that you don’t always need to buy new clothes, it is a very bad habit to buy for each event a new outfit, which will hang in our wardrobe as a memory and never been worn again. It might make you feel like some fancy celebrity with tons of fancy dresses at home, but is this really purposeful?

Also, it is a very bad habit to follow always the latest trends. If I had bought something in my style, I surely would have worn it again. Also, it is very probable that you might not even wear again that crazy fashion trend in a few years, because it will be out of fashion.

I would tell my younger self, to be more conscious when buying an item, and encourage to ask these “12 questions for a sustainable and conscious consumption” before buying.

And did you already hear about the concept of “Slow Fashion”?

Our Co-Founder Fanny Imsel decided on what impact she wants to leave on the world. She is on an on-going journey to become more conscious and sustainable every day. Trying to become the best version of herself. She believes that together we can have an impact on each other and on the world. For a better future.

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