Adapting to change can be very challenging. But sometimes we need to encourage ourselves to take a different perspective … Read now why you should embrace change.

Don’t be afraid of change. You may end up losing something good, but you will probably end up gaining something better.


I know this is one of those things that is easier said than done, it is surely not always easy to embrace change.

We all have been in one or other situation in our life when a drastic change has happened, and sometimes it is not easy to open up to it.

And this year, change just seems to be around every corner.

In the past months, I read a lot of horoscopes and interpretations of star and planet constellations, and the universe seems to agree. 2020 is a year of change.

Our new resolutions for this year were full of promises and expectations for this new decade, but we all know things turned out a little bit differently and life as we knew it suddenly changed.

This is not an article about how to make the best out of 2020 – It is about embracing change.

How to become more comfortable in this always and continuously and steadily evolving planet. Let’s have some positive change in our lives!

But wait, what is a positive change again?

A positive change is simply about the value you give the change.

So what does it mean? Can I turn a change positively?

Sometimes life feels like in a teenage movie: remember those movies when the parents decide to move for work in a new city and the child needs to say goodbye to their best friend forever and build up a new life from scratch in a new tough high school?

Yes, changes like these are not easy and might hurt, especially because you have no way of deciding yourself.

And the older we get, we get confronted again and again with changing situations that are beyond our reach (even though when we don’t have our parents anymore making decisions for us).

As you might guess, you have mostly no impact on change. 

You cannot simply stop the change, or change the change – or anything like that. Some things just happen. 

But there is one thing you can control: It is in your hands how you react to change. 

Don’t worry about the short-term impact, try to think big.

Every change provides your life with a new opportunity, ask yourself “What is the opportunity?”, ask yourself “What can I learn from it?”, ask yourself “How can I grow personally from it?”.

If you look closer, you will find it. 

And don’t worry, everyone has fears, everyone has doubts, and – certainly – no one likes uncertainty. But it is all about how you deal with it.

I read something recently that said that we are growing up in a generation of change, as a generation that demands change. 

We want climate politics to change! We demand equal rights! We want to steadily improve ourselves! We want to change jobs (imaging like some generations before who stayed in the same company for years). Now there is LinkedIn and if you want you can look for jobs on the other side of the world in one click. We also demand completely different things now from our employers, and most working places struggle to adapt. And we can be proud that we want things to change, and actively take part in it.

If our life (and the world around us) wouldn’t change, everything would always be the same, and I think we’d be missing out a lot on what makes a life so exciting. 

We need to understand that if we embrace change, we become part of the change and then somehow redefine our lives and what is important to us.

And of course, a dose of optimism and courage are the key to help you embrace change! So sometimes taking a deep breath can help wonders, look at yourself in the mirror and say, everything will be better than before! Different but in some way better. 

Personally, I love change, I always try to embrace change as much as I can. This doesn’t mean that I am always happy along the way, but I have the feeling that with every change I am somehow becoming closer to myself. I don’t want to be where I was 5 years ago, I don’t want to be where I was one year ago. I look back to those moments with a smile, but I am looking with the same smile ahead in the future. And this gets me excited. This gets me excited about life.

So change is in the air! I don’t know what will be tomorrow, but embrace it! And go and enjoy your journey!

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude”.

Maya Angelou

Our Co-Founder Fanny Imsel decided on what impact she wants to have on the world. She is on an on-going journey to become more conscious and sustainable every day. Trying to become the best version of herself. She believes that together we can have an impact on each other and on the world. For a better future.

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